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About Us

Founded in 1970 we have grown as a result of the commitment of both the Directors and of our Guards to offering our clients the very highest levels of integrity, service and flexibility.

We are pleased to retain a team of young, courteous, experienced security professionals. All guards are closely vetted, approved and trained to the Industry Standard as well as undergoing stringent experience and ability tests prior to recruitment. We take pride in, and appreciate the importance of our role, whilst on contract, as ambassadors as much as protectors.

As a result, we guarantee our clients that by requesting a Grant Security's Ltd Guard, or receptionist they also secure a valuable customer-facing asset.

We have a proven record of responding to our clients' security requirements both in an emergency situation or at 24 hours notice on a contractual basis. To that end, the Customer Services Manager supports, directly and completely, our Guards and clients at the commencement of a contract by:

  • Carrying out Risk Assessments from both a security and health and safety aspect.
  • Overseeing the transfer of existing employees, if required, either from existing “in-house” personnel or from previous contractors.
  • Establishing and agreeing the site operations standards and instructions prior to attendance.
  • Personally monitoring and supervising the training of staff to specific site standards as well as day to day service supply.

Where perhaps you have not previously considered Uniformed Guarding Services, we can show significant benefits in many areas including:

  • Insurance Costs reduction.
  • Prevention of squatting and vandalism as well as increasingly common crimes such as refuse dumping and theft of architectural features.
  • All our guards are experienced operators of CCTV, access systems such as Progeny has well as fire, alarm and air-conditioning monitoring systems.
  • All our guards are experienced operators of CCTV, access systems such as Pak/Cas/Progeny & Bio-metrics.
  • Fire alarm and air-conditioning monitoring systems.

The management at Grants Security's Ltd take a great deal of pride in the quality of service that we deliver to our clients. We realise that is only achievable and possible through a well trained experienced and dedicated professional team. Our recruitment and selection process has a well-defined vetting, screening, training and selection policy, which is in compliance with BS7499 code of practice for personnel working in the security industry, which includes the following:

  • Controlling and operation of sophisticated security systems
  • Basic Health & Safety issues in the work place
  • Police and criminal evidences Act
  • Powers of Arrest
  • The Theft act and other related laws
  • Giving evidence
  • Criminal damage
  • Fire prevention
  • First Aid
  • Continually assess the performance of Double Check Security staff
  • Carrying out Risk Assessments from both a security and health and safety aspect.
  • Establishing and agreeing the site operations standards and instructions prior to attendance.
  • Personally monitoring and supervising the training of staff to specific site standards as well as day to day service supply.



Backing up your ongoing interests

We are poised to provide cost-effective solutions to clients' manned security requirements, at short notice, on a permanent or temporary basis. We therefore tailor our Bespoke services to meet each client's specific site needs. We provide fully vetted static and mobile security officers to meet each client's specification.

  • Let us fill in the gaps when you are under pressure.
  • Reliable staff supplied at short notice.
  • Reduce your overheads: you do not have to pay Staff, NIC, or their annual leave.

We provide guards in the following areas of Manned Guarding

  • Uniformed Static Guards.
  • Retail Guards.
  • In-house Guarding.
  • Builders merchants and sites.

Activities in capable hands of a dedicated team with relevant experience in areas such as:

  • Manned security guarding.
  • Staff recruitment and training.
  • Customer care and client liaison.

Sites we already cover for our clients include:

  • Offices.
  • Warehouses.
  • Hotels.
  • Builder's merchants.
  • Building Sites.
  • Construction sites.
  • Vacant local authority properties.
  • Management and car park control.
  • Gatehouse.
  • Universities, Colleges and Schools.


Safeguarding our client's security is paramount in the company's day-to-day operation.


The importance of client liaison cannot be stressed enough. By creating a close working relationship with our clients we not only assure them the best of security measures at all times, but also the best possible management systems in operation 24/7. Our company goal is to ensure that the client has the best possible security system in place at all times. Our Contracts Manager will visit your site periodically to ensure that security priorities and requirements conform to the original site assignment instructions and update them as required to reflect our clients ever changing needs.

As a major aspect of our operation our mobile supervisors visit and check to ensure that all security officers are performing their duties and tasks in accordance with the clients instructions and specifications. Another duty performed by our mobile supervisor is to ensure that all officers are correctly dressed and alert at all times.


CCTV Systems can be standalone on site systems, fully networked to provide visual access from a remote location or integrated with other systems to offer automatic viewing in response to activations.

From dedicated control rooms utilising the latest technology. This must be simple to operate and ergonomically engineered to minimise fatigue to the user.

CCTV can be used as a cost effective alternative to manned guarding by providing 24 hour, event driven monitoring.

Our members are certified to BS8418 NSI approval for the design and installation of remotely monitored CCTV systems.

Highly trained operators in a BS8418 accredited Monitoring Station can respond to and prevent unauthorised access by challenging potential intruders, alerting emergency services and initiating predetermined procedures.

IP CCTV is able to offer high-quality, high-performance network-based CCTV systems.

Providing powerful distributed system architecture and a hardware/software platform for the total utilisation of today’s Ethernet networks.

These non-centralised systems allow customers to make use of a facility’s network and network infrastructure, representing significant savings in cabling, hardware and manpower resources.

Remote Monitoring

It is also possible to offer remote building management services such as the control of gates, barriers and lighting P.O.A.


Retail security guards are visual deterrents to shoplifter and undesirables. The guards save you money and they also dramatically cut down assaults on staff.


Mobile Patrols can be arranged to suit individual requirements, from one patrol up to six patrols per night, arranged at random intervals.

Do you have the need for permanent regular security checks on your premises? This could be addressed by our mobile security patrols.

You may be shutting down for the refurbishment of your premises. Could some other event or change to your present situation leave you exposed to intruders?

The prompt intervention and action by a mobile officer could help prevent the loss, damage or vandalism to your property.


We are also able to install an electronic patrol system that will log each patrol and give detailed in information regarding the areas and times of patrols.

Lone Worker Monitoring / Health & Safety Checks Receives ‘Book on / off’ and‘Health & Safety’ CHECK calls from Grants Guards, ensuring that staff are on-site and okay.


Once our guard is on site they will make regular patrols of the area and if required take the previously agreed action and report any problems to you.

Facilities Services

We can manage for our client’s total projects or just a Bespoke Project for them demonstrating our management experience with accountability. Our Facilities Managers have many year’s experience in all aspects of Project Management & PPM.

Bespoke services for our clients include:

  • Emergency boarding up.
  • Locksmiths
  • Re-glazing
  • Emergency Carpentry & General property repairs
  • Burglary Repairs & Insurance work
  • Securing of vacant or void properties
    • Shops
    • Houses
    • Schools
    • Pubs
    • Offices
  • Labour for our sites (staff have CSCS Green)
  • Cleaning Contracts
  • Builders Clean whilst managing projects prior to handover


We can provide industry standard affordable scaffolding services.

We use a professional fully qualified Scaffolding company with many years of experience In the Heart of London.

Our knowledge and expertise allow us to accommodate all aspects of scaffolding needs.

However large or small the project we maintain the highest standards throughout.


  • Roofers Scaffolding
  • Access Scaffolding
  • Painting Scaffolding
  • Support Scaffolding

Strict measures are taken to uphold current Health and safety standards, we take pride in our service and our safety measures are second-to-none.

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